A brief description of some of our ongoing projects is given below. We also collaborate with the Machine Learning Research Group at SUNY Binghamton in applying machine learning techniques to problems in the area of computer networks.

Future Internet Architectures
Information-centric networks (ICN) is a future Internet architecture that seeks to evolve today's Internet from a host-centric model to a content-centric one. One of the fundamental characteristics of ICN is network-wide caching of content at storage-enabled nodes. Our goal is to design new routing and caching algorithms for ICN. We also work on investigating new security attacks that in-network caching brings forth and designing countermeasures.

Wireless Networks
The temporal and spatial variation in wireless channel conditions, node mobility make it challenging to design protocols for wireless networks. Our group works on designing efficient routing and scheduling algorithms that adapt seamlessly to changing network conditions caused by varying link quality or node mobility and provides superior user-level performance. Our work on channel modeling is focused on modeling temporal variations in the wireless channel quality to aid network and application-layer protocol design.

Smart Communities, Cities and Grid
In this project, our goal is to apply techniques, knowledge and expertise from the networking domain to enable the growth and sustenance of smart communities and infrastructure. We are also working on algorithms and designing systems to support smart computing applications. For example, in one of the problems that we are exploring, our goal is to develop algorithms to effectively integrate renewable energy generated locally with energy drawn from the grid to reduce peak demand and customer electricity bills while resulting in generation cost savings from the utility.